An Invitation to Adventure!

Today a trusted friend invites me  to go biking  with him, and I hope to do so.  I’ve been out of commission first from an injured rib, then a month of smoke from wild fires,  that suddenly became non-issue, to our surprise, as rains have put  out the serious state-wide fires.   So after eating and a few necessary chores, I hope  to enjoy this adventure we’d just begun, after I’d not been on  a bike for 7 years!   Wish me courage, friends!

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In the sound of silence I hear too many voicesPeople talking without listening

The worrier within, a cancer to my soul

Then there’s the voice of wonder, curiosity, an openness to trust

It is not too late for me to experience intimacy

To have a caring partner, a generous, kind soul

Who dearly would love a good woman in his life too

“To reach out eagerly and without  fear for newer and richer experiences”

As Eleanor Roosevelt did for decades while Franklin was alive, and after his death too.

Out of enormous adversity

She grew to be a woman of courage, grace, a voice for the children of our world.

She could have chosen to be rich and isolated, bitter, and angry

Instead she is one of America’s most remarkable leaders, coming into her prime late in life.

In the sound of silence, listen to the whispers “it can and shall get better”

God has a plan for each of us.  It’s our job to listen to what gives hope, joy, a sense of new possibilities, no matter our age!

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On losing several close friends this year: Parting is not always sweet or easy. It can hurt big time. It’s good to allow the tears to flow, and trust there will be others to walk with us when we’re ready, and they are too. When we must part, don’t cling or try to change reality. Even in winter, there are sunny days to comfort the bereaved, and simple acts of kindness to warm the soul.  It is a process, letting go with grace, forgiveness, courage.

   Some folks never do it consciously.  It helps to keep the memories of good times shared. It helps to be gentle and patient, honoring whatever self-care measures we can muster.
For me, it helps to light a candle and give myself some simple  affirmations from “This too shall pass” to “I am learning to trust and honor the beautiful, resilient woman I am.”
And it helps to smile and laugh, ready to welcome a good night’s sleep and the new day!

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Growing old has many challenges we didn’t face in our youth. In order to thrive instead of simply reacting to life’s challenges, we do need tools to uplift our spirits when we face losses in our own health, or we lose dear friends who die or move far away.  Aging is not for sissies;  it does require courage to face fears, to be willing to downsize our expectations of others (and of ourselves) when they add to our stress.  Learning new skills keeps our brains active, and if we take on too much, we need to reassess what is realistic given our energy , our health, our finances.  Priorities change, and we need reflective time to recognize maybe this month we need better fitting shoes more than a retreat we were looking forward to. 

    In our working years, we may not have needed to create social networks of  friends.  When retired, we need to find venues to meet people with similar interests. Being flexible, persistent and staying curious even when we may also need more solitude than before-these are part of adapting to the changes that come with aging minds and bodies. 

    When family members or friends die, we are reminded of our own mortality.  To be present, we do need to keep the good memories from the past, and be willing to let go those that trouble us, for we cannot change the past.  If we can have compassion and patience with ourselves when we are grieving, we’ll be able to have kind words or a helping hand when a friend needs to share and not feel judged.   It is wise to take time out to rest, eat well, drink enough water, and meditate when we are tired or distraught.  Change is inevitable, and often life may seem unfair.  These are the times we need to be our own best friend, and also willing to accept help from others when this, too, is appropriate.  For even in the most challenging situation, goodness can be found.  Like today I was checking out multiple vitamins and unable to read the small print; a kind stranger beside me was doing the same thing. He had the experience and vision to realize the one-a-day vitamin for active women (or men) actually had more essential ingredients than the nearby one for seniors, and he knew where the store had a $3 off coupon on this brand. Trusting a stranger can be helpful allowed me make a better decision.  Gratitude always lifts the spirits!

     Now I need a stretch break, and a warm drink as I let this evening wind down.  Here is to all of us finding ways to be more gentle, more present for ourselves, just as we are.  Then we may be able to thrive, not just survive!

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Enjoying a brisk October day in Ashland’s North Mountain Park

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REACH OUT with kindness, discretion, openness

Forgive the past, for it is over.  MOVE ON GENTLY

Trusting collaboration and inspiration help us blend traditions that still nurture us with an openness, a willingness to face the unknown with courage, grace, and faith.

It’s not the end of the world, but a time for resilience, a renewed curiosity that can override

our fears and help us be more present, more authentic, more in touch with our own talents and basic goodness.

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Celebrating the New Year

What fun to celebrate the end of a tough year with an all-generations’ community dance. It fed body and soul with wonderful music from the sixties to great folk dances. Ending the year on a high note instead of my usual quiet, solitary evening just shows following a hunch can be a great idea! Hope you ended 2011 with a bang and a dream brought to life too!

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